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“"The aPoint selection model is ideally used when your organization has narrowed its choices to the final 2-4 candidates. At this point, you and your HR resource have held meetings, administered tests, and are ready to prioritize and select one candidate. The aPoint Selection model provides object help, value, and documentation in a standardized system you can use globally. Your learning points obtained during the first three months of employment will be evaluated using the aPoint Evaluation Model, and will show prioritized development areas for the employee. This model is free of charge. In the development models, you will objectively evaluate and score a team to ascertain your best salesperson or manager as compared to their peers. At the same time, you'll get a prioritized list of attributes for an individual's personal development. Read more in the PDF file containing the description and use.”

Price per Candidate/Individual using aPoint Selection Model ©

DKK: 995 or € 135 or $ 145 or £ 120

The aPoint Evaluation Model © is free of charge as part of buying and using aPoint Selection Model ©

The aPoint Leadership and Sales Development Models are calculated as 0.25 the price of the Selection Model.

Minimum buy is 10 candidates/individuals of aPoint Selection Model which after the purchase also can be used for 40 development individuals or in whatever mix of the models you need.

10% Discount

20 to 30

15% Discount

40 to 100

20% Discount

110 to 200

30% Discount

Above 200

If you and your organization needs an enterprise agreement, aPoint can offer that on individual terms, please contact us.

All prices are without VAT and any other local TAX.