The pricing model is usage payment, so no yearly or monthly fee!


If your organization is a University, Hospital (commercially/private managed excluded) or approved aid organization, you may receive free admission and usage upon request.


You can mix the credits on all models in the following price/mix:

1 credit cost: DKK: 995 or € 135 or $ 145 or £ 120 (you can also pay using Bitcoin).

Minimum buy is 10 credits.


aPoint Selection Model © equals 1 credit  per person in model

aPoint Evaluation Model © is free of charge  in combination with the use of aPoint Selection Model ©

aPoint Development Models are calculated as 0.25 credit  per person in model

Below a use and pricing example:

You have bought 10 credits.


You are in a new hire process and use the Selection Model © to evaluate the last 3 candidates, for that you use 3 credits. You have 7 credit left.


You select and hire one candidate and use the Evaluation Model © in the onboarding process. Here you have 3 unique timeframes where you assess the new employee in relation to your expectations when hiring. You have 7 credits left since this model is free of charge in combination with the Selection Model ©.


You have 7 direct reports in your team and need a status overview of that team. You use 1,75 credits since the Development Models © is 0.25 credit per person. You now have 5,25 credits left.


At the end of the next quarter you want a new team status and use 1,75 credits, you now have 3,5 credits left.


In the third quarter, you must hire a new employee and use Selection Model © and again you end up with 3 candidates that all can fit the position, but you need to select one, you use 3 credits and have 0,5 lefts.

Discount options:

A single purchase of 20 to 30 credits causes a standard 10 percent auto discount.

A single purchase of 40 to 100 credits causes a standard 15 percent auto discount.

A single purchase of 110 to 200 credits causes a standard 20 percent auto discount.

A single purchase above 200 credits causes a standard 30 percent auto discount.


If you and your organization need an enterprise agreement, aPoint can offer that on individual terms, please contact us.


All prices are without VAT and any other local TAX. The sale is subject to reverse charge. The recipient is liable for payment of VAT and any other local TAX.

Danish registered Moms/VAT companies will receive an PDF invoice with 25 % VAT.

All non-used credits expire 18 months after purchase.

10% Discount

20 to 30

15% Discount

40 to 100

20% Discount

110 to 200

30% Discount

Above 200